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Development of learning, strategies, & content for a more engaged workforce

Are you focused on planning learning and employee development, but in doubt about the ideal way forward for your company?


I can help you develop the optimal strategy, tailored to your needs and corporate culture. From new hires and onboarding, to effective continuous learning and training for all employees.

* You are a stakeholder in a company, actively seeking consultancy services, or product solutions regarding Learning & Development, Performance or Appraisals

Consultant: Niels Kokholm Nielsen

20+ years of experience in HR, Learning & Development and Performance Management. Specialising in helping startups and mid-market companies optimise Learning & Development.

(Online meeting can be held in English, Danish or Portuguese.)

+45 71 72 56 16 - [email protected]

Areas of expertise

e-learning content

How are companies employing software solutions for learning? What are the latest innovations in learning and engagement?

What kind of e-learning courses are relevant for you? Which formats are the most appropriate and efficient today? How to align learning content with company culture?

Trends in Technology & Tools

Learning & Development

What are the optimal strategies for working with learning today? Which learning content and formats generate desired results and high levels of engagement?

Performance Management

What are the best practices for connecting learning with performance? What are options for integrating learning, performance AND appraisals?

Compliance Training

Which tools or solutions are currently available on the market for easy deployment and tracking of compliance training?


How to best build and execute onboarding strategies? Which tools are available for creating and distributing content?

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